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Four Popular Blog Topics for Vacation Rentals— And a Few Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Maintaining a consistent, high-quality blog is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to a vacation rental website. We’re all in agreement on this, right? Okay, good. Because it’s true. Posting an awesome blog once a week to your vacation rental site will move you up the ladder on Google searches— and get you more direct bookings.

If you’re a vacation rental manager and you're not updating your blog weekly, designate one of your staff to give it more attention. A few quick tips to spruce up your blogs:

  • Make sure the posts are about 1,000 to 1,500 words each.

  • Make the posts as interesting and informative as you can.

  • Search royalty-free images on Unsplash or Pixabay to add to your blog posts and make them more entertaining.

  • Add plenty of spacing to your article, which makes it easier to scan.

  • Use editing tools like Hemingway App and Grammarly to help you become a better, more precise writer.

But a lot of vacation rental managers are paralyzed by the question- what the heck do I blog about every week?

Here are four types of blogs for vacation rental management companies that are always crowd-pleasers. And they’ll generate tons of traffic to your site.

I’ve added a couple of mistakes to avoid, too.

1. Food Blogs

Yup— you’re a vacation rental management company. But to draw more readers to your blog? You should be writing about food. A lot. After all, dining out is one of the best parts of the vacation!

A great idea is to do a “best of” series that gets super-specific. Don't do a “Ten Best Restaurant in Orlando” post— oh, no. Every month, write about a different type of food, ranking them in order. Here’s some title inspo:

  • The 5 Best Burgers Joints in Orlando

  • The 6 Best Dive Bars in Seattle

  • The Absolute Best Barbeque in Nashville

  • The 4 Best Ice Cream Shops in San Diego

You get the idea. And the more specific you can be, the better. Most beginner bloggers make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone with every single post. The result is a bland blog that’s packed with too many generalities. Make your blog interesting and informative by not being afraid to have a strong opinion— about food.

2. Interesting Area Info Blogs

For high-performing posts that are sure to attract a lot of readers, dig deep on a subject that’s special about your particular area of the world. What’s something that travelers to that particular area are excited about seeing or experiencing?

  • The Amazing Sea Turtles of the Emerald Coast

  • Deep-Sea Fishing In Islamorada: Everything You Need to Know

  • An Insider’s Guide to Lake Michigan Lighthouses

3. FAQ Blogs

Vacation rental managers know that travelers have a lot of questions about their destination. Distinguish yourself by providing a blog that answers most of their frequently asked questions in detail.

Most vacation rental management companies already have an FAQ page somewhere on their site. Expand on that page by moving some of the bigger questions to a blog post every month.

  • How To Get to Key West: Insider Travel Info for First-Timers

  • How to Pack for a Vacation Rental Home: Here’s What NOT to Bring

  • Travel Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

4. Upcoming Event Blogs

About two months out from any large event— like a major holiday or a special festival in your area— make sure to do a detailed post on what travelers can expect on those days.

For an added little search engine bonus, include the year of the event in your post. This will immediately help move your article to the front of the Google line.

  • The 2019 Trout Fishing Tournament in the Great Smoky Mountains

  • The Perfect 2019 Labor Day Vacay in Destin

  • New Year’s Eve 2019 in Key West: Don’t Miss It!

Make a Content Plan to Keep You on Track

For a perfect monthly content marketing plan, simply rotate these four categories every week. Like this:

Week 1: Food Blog

Week 2: Area Info Blog

Week 3: FAQ Blog

Week 4: Upcoming Event Blog

And just like that, you have 1 month of quality content. Next month, cycle through these themes again. With new info, of course.

Avoid These Mistakes

Most vacation rental blogs fall into one of two categories.

  • All blog posts are about the properties— they highlight a different house each week.


  • They don’t mention their homes at all.

For the most effective ROI on vacation rental blog posts, you need a balance between the two.

A mistake I often see vacation rental managers make is only writing about their properties. They use their blog posts as an opportunity to highlight one home each week— and that’s it. That’s the whole scope of the blog— yawn.

If this is you, focus instead on making your blog posts interesting articles about your area. Include insider travel tips and local favorite secret spots. When you sit down to write your post, help your guests plan and enjoy their ideal vacation in your city. Soon, your blog and website will become the “travel authority” for your area— which helps establish trust with guests and easily earns you more bookings.

But don't forget to incorporate some marketing— or a Call To Action (CTA) — into each of your posts. This CTA should be subtle and fit seamlessly into the theme of your article. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about visiting Key West for the New Year, you can mention a few homes that are still available to rent during this time, and include links to those homes. The CTA of each article should fit easily into the piece and not take away from the entertaining and informative nature of the post.

Don't forget to share your blog post on social media. Once the post is up, share it a few times across your social media platform, accompanied by a gorgeous, eye-catching image or graphic. Encourage viewers to click on and read it.

The one biggest take-away from this article? Vacation rental companies should blog every week. Set aside about 2 hours a week to contribute to your vacation rental blog. It's the easiest and best way to get more high-quality traffic that books.

For more info on how to write effective vacation rental blog posts, drop me a line at wendyrobinbixby@gmail.com or visit my website www.wendybixby.com.

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