About Me

Hi. I'm Wendy. 
I'm a vacation rental copywriter and social media marketer with a decade of experience in the VR and real estate worlds. 
Academically, my background is Hospitality Management and English. I've worked in the vacation rental management industry for years, writing website copy, blog posts, and hundreds and hundreds of property descriptions.
I love words. So yes, I provide strategic marketing research and goal-getting content. But I'm also a huge "word nerd" and a stickler for good writing, perfect punctuation, and impeccable grammar. I'll make your marketing shine.


Yeah, but why should I hire you?
I Listen To You
What are your goals? What's your timeline? What are your preferences? Let's talk. I'm super-easy to work with.

I Understand Vacation Rentals

I've worked in the biz. I know the lingo. And I know the challenges. Hire a marketing manager that specializes in what YOU do.

I Honor Deadlines
I'll work within the time frame you specify and I'll probably finish ahead of schedule. It's just how I roll.
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Ready to get started?

Drop me a line here or email me at wendyrobinbixby@gmail.com to schedule a totally free consultation. 


I'll respond ASAP and schedule a call so we can talk about your business and goals.

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